Enabling suppliers to deliver in complex projects

Limber cloud based project intelligence enables suppliers to deliver with profit in complex projects like O&G. Automated document handling, reporting and follow up ensures control and timely delivery with strict invoice management. Helping you succeed in this is our main goal.

Built on experience

With over 30 years of experience in supplier LCI delivery and project management we know your challenges and have predefined setups for all your projects out of the box. Limber is designed to get your projects moving as fast as possible with full control from day one.

Designed for lean suppliers

Time is critical so Limber is designed simple, clean and fast with users in focus. Being flexible and lean is prerequisite for suppliers who don’t have economic buffers like big players. Limber combines a crucial toolset to run projects and follow up on completion, economics and performance.

Project management with Limber is inspiring and easy

Automated workflows removes need for document control. Preset project setups means instant start of new projects with full tracking and control from day one. Complete and automatically logging with live feedback keeps you one step ahead. Track internal and external project performance with future projections. Finding bottlenecks and solving problems have never been this easy.

Tailored out of the box

Many present integration as something positive. They usually profit on time consuming integration of bulk software that occupies your team for months. We believe that heavy integrations lead to heavy administration and cost. We do not waste your money nor time. Limber implementation and project startup is lightning fast as is every other aspect of our solution.


We believe that great companies are made of the right people working smoothly together. Your people is your choice, we just ensure that they can work efficiently together from day one. Limber handles complex processes but keep the user interface beautifully simple.

Global collaboration

Forget e-mails, folders and excel lists, information should be transparent and live to enable global collaboration. Transparent communication makes your collaboration structured and clear. Hiccups never occur and new resources are easy to onboard when needed.

On the way to the top with Limber

Free your engineering expertise with Limbers easy and non intrusive tools. Save hours of work every day and enable successful project completions without delays. Get more projects, do more work.

Our Team

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Simon Hermans

Simon is CEO and a Co-founder with previous experience from managing document and supplier intensive projects. He holds M.Sc. in Engineering specialized in Process Technology and Industrial Economics.

Max Weijola

Max is a Co-founder and expert in user experience and testing. He holds a M.Sc. in Computer Engineering.

Kristian Nordman

Kristian is a Co-founder and the Lead Engineer for backend services. He holds a M.Sc. in Engineering specialized in Product Development, Mechatronics and Applied Mathematics.

Jonathan Aschan

Jonathan is a Co-founder and Lead Engineer for frontend services. He holds a M.Sc. in Computer Engineering specialized in High Performance Computing, Software Engineering and Embedded Systems.

Erik Ackles

Erik is a senior partner, COO and sales manager. He holds a M.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering with a successful track record of managing and growing Oil & Gas sector businesses.

Carina Wold

Carina is our Senior advisor. She has 30+ years of worldwide experience from Oil & Gas projects, specialized in supplier document delivery processes.